Onyx- Congratulations For your Adoption

Color: Black with white on chest
Age: 1.5 yrs
Weight: 118 lbs
Special needs: None
Cats: Formerly lived with cats and guinea pigsĀ 
Dogs: Good with other large dogsĀ 
Kids: Unknown
Exercise: Needs some outdoor time, with chasing ball
Training: Understands more than he often shows, knows sit, down, come, no, wanna go out
Crate Trained: Yes
House trained: Yes
Needs Experience Adopter: Big dog experience would help, but not necessary

Adoption fee: $375

My name is Onyx, a vibrant 1.5-year-old with an exuberant spirit, keen intellect, and a heart brimming with affection for my mom. When I first arrived at my foster home, I was wary of the unfamiliar: new sights, new sounds. Although I’m still a bit reserved around visitors, I eagerly welcome their treats and thrive on the comfort of my mom’s reassuring voice, hugs, and kisses.

I find solace in my crate, a sanctuary filled with my cherished toys. While I may need a bit of coaxing with treats to enter, I’m content to curl up inside, especially when my mom steps out. Her return fills me with boundless joy, expressed through joyful vocalizations.

Nighttime is peaceful in my crate, where I can rest without the temptation of mischief. Yet, during the day, my curiosity leads me to explore every nook and cranny, especially the wonders of my backyard where I frolic with my beloved giant tennis ball.

Walks have become a delight since I’ve grown accustomed to the gentle leader. I’ve also learned to heed the “ack” sound as a signal to pause, although my inquisitive nature sometimes leads me astray.

I eagerly lend a “helping” nose to my mom’s daily activities, whether it’s fetching my food from the garage, assisting in the kitchen, or keeping her company while she works. I’m her faithful companion, always by her side, eager not to miss a single moment together.

I’ve mastered the art of car rides and even tolerate vet visits, especially when cheese wiz on a stick is involved. Despite sharing my home with a small, elderly Shih Tzu, our companionship is harmonious, though I may occasionally feel a pang of jealousy when attention is divided.

Yet, despite any challenges, I remain steadfast in my belief in my own potential. Will you be the one to offer me a forever home filled with love and understanding?