Color: Black with white on chest
Age: 1.5 yrs
Weight: 118 lbs
Special needs: None
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Probably not small dogs or any dog that seems to want his toys or food
Kids: Unknown
Exercise: Needs some outdoor time, with chasing ball
Training: Understands more than he often shows, knows sit, down, come, no, wanna go out
Crate Trained: Yes
House trained: Yes, neuter will help. He has marked a few times 
Needs Experience Adopter: Big dog experience would help, but not necessary

Adoption fee: $375

My name is Onyx. I’m 1.5 yrs young with a youthful attitude, curiosity, smarts, and show much
affection to my mom. I arrived at my foster home feeling skittish about unknowns: new sights and
sounds. I’m still shy about people coming in home to visit and really like when they offer me treats. But
I love my mom’s assuring voice, hugs and kisses. I like my crate which is always open to me where I can
chew on MY toys. I don’t mind going in (well, with treat offers) when she asks me to (which usually
means she is leaving for awhile). I greet her return with much joyful vocalizations. I don’t mind at all
sleeping in there at night, and during mom’s rest time because my curiosity prompts me to get into
things. I love my back yard to romp in and run with my giant tennis ball in mouth, I really hope my
furever home will have such. I like walks since I’m now used to the “gentle leader.” I know the “ack”
sound means to stop what I’m trying to do, but my big nose can get me in trouble. I like to “help” her –
with getting my food from the garage, working in the kitchen, when she does laundry, makes her bed, or
drinks her coffee – with my big nose into it all. When she works at her desk, I lay my head on her
shoulder or lay down near her and wait. She moves around a lot so I must follow her closely so as to
miss nothing! I now know how to get in and out of the car. The vet visits are becoming easier, too,
especially with cheese wiz on a stick. I do live with a small, old dog, Shih Tzu, who I play along side
outside, some inside, but don’t like when I think maybe he’s too close to my resources. Admittedly I am
a little jealous of attention my mom gives to him.
I believe in my potential. Will you be my forever home?