What it Takes to Adopt


In an ideal scenario, the necessity for dog rescues would not exist. However, in reality, Great Danes rely on Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue to connect them with caring families who can accommodate their needs and provide them with love and support.

Our foster dogs reside in private homes, allowing us to gain firsthand insight into their personalities, temperaments, and behaviors. Based on this firsthand experience, we provide tailored recommendations for suitable adoptive homes, considering factors such as the absence of children and the presence of a fenced yard. With consistent care, training, and affection, these dogs can overcome challenges and evolve into ideal companions.

Adopters should anticipate a 2-3 week adjustment period post-adoption, during which dogs may subdue their true personalities, have accidents, or act-out while they learn about their new family and routine. It is strongly advised that adopters commence the mandatory 6-8 week training course during this period to foster trust between themselves and their new pet.

We kindly request patience during the adoption process, which can span from a minimum of two weeks to several months, depending on individual requirements. Excessive inquiries about application status hinder our volunteers’ ability to focus on essential tasks such as reference checks, veterinary consultations, and home assessments. Rest assured, if not initially matched with a Great Dane, your application remains active and continually reviewed for future opportunities.

The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety
and well-being of both our rescue dogs and our adoptive families.

  1. Adopters must reside within Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue’s areas of operation (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin).
  2. Adopters must be at least 21 years old.
  3. Must be able to demonstrate both the ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise and training for the lifetime of the dog.
  4. All current pets must be spayed/neutered, with very few exceptions to this rule.
  5. All current pets must also be up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention.
  6. Adopters must agree that all dogs, especially Great Danes, are indoor dogs and will live indoors with their family.
    • For safety reasons, outdoor kennels, dog runs, and dog houses are not an acceptable means of confinement or dwelling for a Great Dane and are grounds for denial.
  7. Adopters who live in an apartment or condominium, if asked, must be able to provide written proof provided by the association or landlord stating that they have permission to adopt a Great Dane.
  8. Adopters must be aware of and within their city, county, and residential laws in regards to the number of pets a person/family can own.
  9. Adopters must agree to keep the dog safely on leash at all times when not in a fenced-in area.
  10. Adopters must agree to accompany the dog through a 6-8 week group or individual obedience class within 3 months of adoption.
    • If a dog is exempt from this rule, the adoption contract will be modified by a Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue board member to reflect such exemption.
  11. Homes with children under 10 must understand that placing a dog in their home may take time. Dogs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for their ability to live with young children.
    • Once a recommendation has been made, we do not make exceptions. This policy is for the safety of both the dog and the adoptive family.
  12. Adopters applying to adopt a deaf or blind Great Dane must have a fence with a minimum height of 4 feet.

Adoption Fees

FeeAgeType of Dog
$4756 months – 1 yearPurebred
$3751 year – 6 years old
6 months – 6 years old
Mixed Breed
$2757 – 9 years oldAll dogs
$1259 years or olderAll dogs

Once the training requirement is met as outlined in the Adoption Contract, adopters will be issued a $50 refund.

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