Surrender Form

Our online forms are being updated to accommodate a change in our website hosting and are currently unavailable. In the meantime please use the form below or call 317-759-3647 if you need to surrender a dog. We are working to repair these forms and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Please fill out our .PDF FFGDR_Surrender_Form to start the surrender process, save it with a meaningful name (for example: Fido Surrender Form – John Doe), and then email it to [email protected]. If you are surrendering multiple dogs, please complete a surrender form for each dog.  

This information allows us to have a better idea of why the dog is being surrendered, any behavior issues, health issues, etc.  FFGDR cannot consider placing a dog if we do not have a complete temperament and medical background.  It is critical that you complete the application as all of our foster homes have other pets and/or children and we consider their safety first.  Because surrendered Great Danes are placed in foster homes with other pets and/or children, we cannot accept Great Danes that are aggressive and/or have a bite history (provoked or not).

Completion of this form does not guarantee that Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue will accept your surrendered Great Dane. Because of foster home availability or fund limitations, it is sometimes necessary to place the dog on a waiting list.  Upon receiving the application, we will consider your Dane for our program and look for a suitable foster home; we will contact you about the status of the surrender.  Be Advised: At the time of the surrender, Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue reserves the right to revoke acceptance of a Great Dane due to aggression, lack of medical records, misrepresentation, etc.

Please understand that we are an all-volunteer organization and that it may take up to 48 hours to get back to you regarding your inquiry. In addition, once we decide to take a dog in it takes time to find a foster home and arrange transport; we will not be able to drop everything and accept your dog. Typically it is not an extremely quick process so be prepared for a wait period before we can accept your Great Dane.