We’re Here to Help


If your pet is accepted into our foster program, the following applies to all dogs. If you cannot adhere to the following requests, your Great Dane cannot be accepted into our foster program.

  1. Medical Records – it is vital that we have a complete medical history. Please contact your veterinarian to request a copy of your dog’s medical records, including rabies tag and microchip registration, if applicable. If you cannot get the dog’s medical records, please draft a letter giving your veterinarian permission to release all necessary medical records to Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue.
  2. Medication and/or Supplements – if the Great Dane is currently on any medications, please send at least 2 weeks worth as the dog may not be able to see a vet for at least 2 weeks. Instructions about how the medication/supplements are administered must be included.
  3. Dog’s Belongings – please determine which of your dog’s belongings you can send with them into rescue. Having his/her own crate, bed, toys, jacket, etc. not only keeps the dog more comfortable by being around familiar objects, but relieves rescue of having to purchase so many of these items for your dog.
  4. Dog’s Food – please send at least one week’s worth of the food that your dog is used to eating. This allows our foster homes to help the dog transition to any new foods with limited gastrointestinal issues.
  5. Transportation – when necessary to transport a dog for a distance greater than 1 hour, we ask that you offer to alleviate the rescue volunteers of a portion of the drive. Halfway is preferred but if you can commit to 1-2 hours that is a great help to our volunteers.
  6. Surrender Donation – if you are unable to get your dog up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered, please consider making a monetary donation upon surrendering your dog to help cover part of these costs. We sincerely appreciate receiving a monetary donation from the dog’s owner whenever it is financially possible. Our suggested minimum donation fee is $100.
  7. Owner Release Form – at the time of surrender you will be required to sign a surrender form releasing the dog and transferring ownership to our rescue. By completing and signing this form, FFGDR agrees to accept your dog into our rescue and assumes full legal and ethical ownership and responsibility for your dog.