Welcome to the good life sweet Delilah

Color: Brindle
Age: 3-4
Weight: 125
Special Needs: none
Cats: yes
Dogs: yes
Kids: yes
Exercise: Loves to walk
Training: Knows Basic Commands
Crate Trained: yes

House Trained: yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: no

Hi, I’m Delilah! No one really knows a whole lot about my life before I became a foster, but my foster mom thinks someone loved me before I ended up in the less than perfect situation I just came from. But what I can tell you is that I am a very sweet girl and I get along with just about anybody, except smaller dogs. My foster mom really isn’t sure why I don’t. I have one doggy brother who is my size and two small cat siblings. I also have two younger human siblings. My human siblings can get pretty loud and rambunctious and sometimes it makes me a little jumpy, but otherwise I get along with everyone in my house. It takes me a minute to warm up to new people but so far I have warmed up to everyone I have met. A few of my favorite things are food and treats, walks, super soft places to curl up and getting my belly rubbed! I also like playing, but not too rough. I do also sort of like chewing and eating things that have been left out like toys. Oops! Something I don’t like is being left alone. My foster mom says I have separation anxiety. I manage to keep that in check by spending time in the same space as my doggy brother when the humans are away. I’d do best in a home with another larger-sized dog who is passive and relaxed, especially when the humans are gone. A few things I’ve heard my foster mom say about me are that I am sweet, kind, I do great at the vet and my leash skills are pretty good! I love a lot of attention and treats so I hope you are well-stocked on both and I hope to see you soon!