LOKI-Available(pending medical)

  • Color: Black with fawn markings
  • Age: 2 years, three months (born 2/10/22)
  • Weight: 120
  • Special Needs: Proactive ear cleanings due to past ear infections.
  • Cats: Good with cats (per the previous owner)
  • Dogs: Good with large dogs
  • Kids: Good with older kids, unknown with younger kids (per the previous owner)
  • Exercise: Low/Normal
  • Training: Foster is working on basic commands
  • Crate Trained: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Needs Experienced Adopter: No
  • Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Hello, I’m Loki! I originally hail from Indiana, but due to unforeseen circumstances, my previous owners had to give me up. This is how I found my way to my foster dad in Covington, Kentucky.

I am still acclimating to my new environment in Kentucky, and there is certainly a lot of activity here! I travel well by car and thoroughly enjoy my rides, often dozing off in the backseat. I also love sitting on the porch or in the yard, observing the world around me. My foster dad, Ross, humorously says that I am a homebody who enjoys lounging around all day. While he isn’t entirely wrong, I am beginning to appreciate my walks and have impressed Ross with my excellent leash manners. One good walk, however, is usually enough to tire me out for a while.

Though I am a large dog, I prefer a calm lifestyle and cherish being with my people. The recent changes in my life have been significant, but I am gradually coming out of my shell and revealing my fun personality. I don’t have a strong desire to play; instead, I aspire to be a companion dog, following my human from room to room, eagerly awaiting the next treat or belly rub. I am also not very vocal. Sometimes, when Ross least expects it, I subtly sit on his lap to get more pets. Although I’m not allowed on the furniture, I can’t help but try to sneak onto the couch with my endearing demeanor, seeking more affection.

I am still a bit apprehensive about the world, which is understandable given the upheaval in my life. Ross is helping me meet new people, but I find them quite intimidating. Living in an urban area means we encounter many people and dogs during our walks. Everyone comments on how beautiful I am. I am learning to become more comfortable around strangers, but please be patient with me if we meet, as it may take some time for me to warm up. Of course, I love belly rubs and attention, which puts me in a bit of a quandary.

I do well with larger dogs after a slow introduction, though I have an omega personality. My previous owners mentioned that I got along well with their cats and older children.

I also had a successful visit to the vet! Aside from a history of ear infections that will require regular cleaning and needing to gain a few pounds, the vet declared me to be in perfect health. Go me!

Well, that was quite the effort. Time for my next nap. If you are in search of a snuggle buddy, I am your perfect match!