Color: Black
Age: 1yr 7 months – dob 2/27/22
Weight: 120lb
Special Needs: none
Cats: yes
Dogs: yes
Kids: yes
Exercise: typical for young Dane
Training: some/needs more
Crate Trained: yes
House Trained: yes

Needs Experienced Adopter: no
Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Are you looking for a gentle giant to join your family?  Look no further!  Roz is a beautiful black great Dane, and she’s ready to find her forever home.  Roz has a great personality.  She came into the rescue after having a litter of 12 puppies.  She is very sweet and loving with a bit of puppy that comes out, so she’s occasionally still silly.  She is 19 months old.  She has very soulful eyes that are sure to steal your heart.  She loves spending time with her humans.  She’s always up for cuddles and quality time together.  She gets along with other pets (cats and dogs).  She would thrive in a home where she can be an integral part of the family.  Her ideal family would be patient, loving, and ready to give her the attention and care she deserves.