Color: Black
Age: almost 3
Weight: 120
Special Needs: No
Cats: Unknown 
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes
Exercise: She loves to play and run
Training: Some but needs more 
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: No
Adoption Fee: $375



Kala is almost 3 year old Dane/mastiff mix that was born in rescue and adopted. She was recently returned because her owner said she wasn’t getting along with their other dog. She has been with us in foster care and is doing well. She has met and played with other dogs. She does need slower introductions due to the lack of socializing as a pup. She also can resource guard her toys but her foster mom is working on that and she is doing well with correction. She loves to cuddle with her humans. The Dane in her hates being cold or wet. She is very much a princess and loves to get her beauty sleep. She also loves to eat and will flip her bowl when she is hungry. More pictures to come. Can you find it in your heart to consider this big beautiful girl?