Color: Blue
Age: 2 year
Weight: 95lbs
Special Needs: None
Cats: Unsure

Dogs: Does well with other dogs, needs slow introduction. Does resource guard (food & toys)

Kids: Unknown, would not recommend small children. Probably would do best with a teenager
Exercise: Needs lots of exercise and room to run
Training: Learning how to walk on leash does well with minimal correction, knows sit and learning No.
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained:  Yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: Would do best with someone with large dog experience
Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Dory is a beautiful blue great Dane, and she’s ready to find her forever home. Dory is quite the character she can be silly and she can be sweet. She came into the rescue after being surrendered to the Indy Humane Society where she had a litter of 13 puppies. She is 2 years old, but still acts like a pup. She loves being outdoors, she needs a large area to run or a way to ensure she can expend all her energy. She would love to have an energetic playmate; her foster friends are a Rottweiler and Great Dane/German Shepherd mix and they play very hard and love to chase each other around and she gets the zoomies. She has been around horses and wants to play with them, but they are a little unsure of her. She loves squeaky toys, cuddles, belly rubs and sunbathing. Dory is housebroken, crate trained and walks well on a leash with a little correction. She knows sit and is learning some other commands. She is smart and a quick learner. Dory would do best with someone experienced with the breed or with large dogs as she can be a bit sassy at times and when she is excited, she tends to get mouthy, but we are working on this. Older Children are recommended due to her size, energy, and mouthiness. Dory would thrive in a home with someone who can provide her the love, attention and continued training she deserves. Is Dory the pup for your home?