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ATTENTION: We need foster homes! Please consider opening your home to a Dane in need.  If you want to help out, please, please fill out a volunteer application today!

We are whole-heartedly dedicated to helping surrendered dogs find their forever homes. We are an organization shaped, and directed, by our driven base of volunteers.

From managing and executing integrated fundraising campaigns, to transporting a Great Dane across state lines, everything our rescue achieves is accomplished through the generous efforts of our volunteers.


  • Enhance the lives of innocent animals in need
  • Meet a diverse group of people (who love Great Danes, of course!)
  • Help a loving home find the perfect addition to their family
  • Uncover new skills – hospitality, sales, writing and more
  • Form life-long relationships with like-minded, passionate members of your community
  • Educate the public on the important of rescue, and general Great Dane standards/behaviors

Joining the rescue and making a difference in the life of a Great Dane is easy. Whether you’re interested in managing events, brainstorming fundraisers, writing grants, or brining a foster into your home, we are always accepting, and empowering, the heart of our rescue:  volunteers.


  1. Transports – get a Great Dane from point A to point B
  2. Events – manage shows, interact with the crow, sell merchandise, and have fun
  3. Home Checks – ensure a potential foster or adopting home is a great fit
  4. Fundraising – identify and organize promotions/benefits; be creative
  5. Foster – prepare a Great Dane for their forever home by first welcoming them into yours
  6. Mentor – shape the future of the rescue, one new volunteer at a time
  7. Administrative Support – organize and process calls, emails, letters, applications, and more



To begin the volunteer process, please complete the volunteer application below, OR click HERE to download the Volunteer Application.

If you choose to fill out the online form, the application will be automatically sent to FFGDR, and you may also print a copy for yourself.

If you choose to fill out a downloaded copy, complete the application, save it with a meaningful name (for example: Volunteer Application – John Doe), and then email it to


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Personal References

Please list two personal references that 1) do not live in the same home with you, 2) are not a family member, 3) are not your veterinarian, and 4) do not work at or for your current veterinary clinic.

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Veterinary Reference

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Property & Insurance

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Interests & Experience

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Please tell us about the pets you have now (breed, age, gender, spayed, neutered, personality):*
How did you hear about FFGDR?*


By checking the Medical Release box and signing below, I certify that the information I am providing is true and correct.  Additionally, I agree to call my veterinary clinic and give permission for the release of my pet's medical records to a representative of Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc.  

By checking the Liability Release & Waiver, I, the undersigned, understand that Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. does not carry liability insurance for my home or vehicle, and I agree not to hold Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. liable for any damage caused by myself or other, the animal, to or by my vehicle while I am caring for an animal for Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. or serving as a volunteer. I also agree to carry liability insurance on my automobile. I understand that I am a volunteer and not an employee of Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. I realize that this/these dogs have not been totally evaluated as to temperament and relieve Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. of any and all liability.

Should any part of this Agreement be rendered or declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction of the State of Illinois or the State of Indiana, such invalidation of such part or portion of this Agreement should not invalidate the remaining portions thereof, and they shall remain in full force or effect.

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