Thor- Available Soon

Color: White
Age: 6-9 months
Weight: 95lbs
Special Needs: Deaf
Cats: OK
Dogs: OK
Kids: OK
Exercise: has normal puppy energy
Training: working on hand signals 
Crate Trained: Yes, see bio below 
House Trained: Yes 100% I’m awesome 
Needs Experienced Adopter: Yes
Adoption Fee: $475 (plus $25 application fee)

Hi everyone I’m Thor.  I’m about 6-8 months old and Deaf, but not being able to hear doesn’t slow me down at all, and oh I’m Potty Trained!!!!!  My foster home has 4 other dogs (All sizes) and a cat and I get along with everyone.  It’s nice having other doggos around so I can follow them to learn the routine and I love to play and run around in the yard with them.  I sleep at the foot of the bed and wake up around 7am and go outside to potty.  I usually bark when I’m happy or see other people walking around so I don’t stay outside in the morning very long, then I come back in and go back to sleep till breakfast.  I really like to be near my hoomans so I typically lay on a big ottoman they have by the couch, otherwise I want to be near the other doggos.  Breakfast is usually around 9, when I first got here I was really cautious and it took me a long time to eat, but now I’m more confident and stay by bowl and chow down.  After breakfast I rest a little and then I get to go outside again before my hoomans have to work in the office.  We all hang out together in the office and I pretty much just sleep most of the day, occasionally I’ll look out the window and keep the home safe from squirrels and people walking by.

Since it’s been nice out sometimes me and other kids will all go outside and play and rest in the backyard sun.  If I bark too much my foster dad brings me inside, so I’m learning not to bark too much cause it is fun to be outside when it’s nice.  After work we come back downstairs and hang out in the living room.  When my foster dad cooks dinner I’ll go in and protect him, but more often than not I lay down in the floor and he’s always making me move so I’m learning he might be okay in there on his own.  When I first got here they were really good about leaving stuff on the counter or in the sink I could reach, but after I got a few snacks they’ve been good about keeping it clean and I’m not really even checking anymore.

Evenings are pretty calm, I just lay on the ottoman cuddled with one of the smaller doggos, if I get a burst of energy I usually get sent outside with another doggo or two to play with. Dinner is around 8 and then I relax again.  One last potty around 10-11 and then I go back upstairs to sleep on my bed.

My foster parents are teaching me hand signals and I’m learning sit, be quiet, stop, and lay down.  Currently I have attached myself to one of my foster dads, I follow him around a lot, if other people are home I’m not as bad, but if it’s just him then I want to be everywhere he goes to keep him safe.  If my hoomans leave for the day I go in a big crate, I don’t like it, but I deal with it and it’s best for my safety that I be crated.  I’m not saying you can’t ever leave, but I would do best in a home that did have people home most of the day.  Other than I’m just a normal happy puppy looking for my forever home ❤️   If you think I would be a good fit for your family just fill out an application.

Thanks for reading,