Stella- Medical Hold

Color: Black and brown, but we think with age she will turn black. White spots on tummy and white feet that look like little boots
Age: 1yr as of June 10, 2019
Weight: Apprx. 80 pounds
Special Needs: None
Cats: Unknown…not exposed while being fostered 
Dogs: Great with other dogs! 
Kids: Good
Exercise: Does well/ loves walks but gets very hot easily so needs some shade breaks. She goes out at least twice a day for 30-45 minutes each. Loves to explore and must stop to smell every flower and play in tall grass or shrubbery 
Training: She knows sit, up (puts her paws on your shoulders), “me first” (knows I am the first one out any door and she must wait for me to exit first). We are working on lay down and on bell training to let me know when she needs to go potty.
Crate Trained: Working on it… She will sleep happily in crate at night, provided the crate is next to you and she can see you. Stella has terrible crate anxiety when crated, if she can’t see you, or when she’s not sleepy. We think she was originally allowed to poop and pee in her crate, so when she is in her crate and left alone, she may well have an accident.
House Trained: Training in progress
Needs Experienced Adopter: Patience will be required as Stella has some bad habits that were reinforced and needs to be trained out of her. She also doesn’t know her size or strength, and can easily play too rough with people.
Adoption Fee: 
$375 (plus $25 application fee)

Notes from Stella’s Foster Family:

Stella is just about the sweetest, most lovable girl you can imagine. She wants to be next to you 24/7, preferably with some part of her body touching you. She loves cuddles, gives kisses, and is always down for a tummy rub. She is very easy going in that you can maneuver her to any position, move her around, kiss her anywhere on her face and body and she is a happy girl because at the end of the day she just wants to be close to you. This isn’t too difficult to manage as she is a big napper and sleeps/ lays around about 70% of the day. She’s also not toy aggressive, food aggressive, or really any form of aggressive. She really is just a big lug.

Stella came to me with some bad habits but she is making amazing strides quite quickly. She is a fast learner and just needs you to be very patient with her as we have flipped her whole life upside down and what was once allowed or taught we now have to unlearn and re-train. Stella is good with most people but some still make her a little nervous, especially men; however, if you get down to her level, practice patience, smile, or give her treats, she’s all in. She does not, has not, nor has she even attempted to snip at humans or other pets, but she will growl when she feels threatened. This is in no way aggression as it is not in her nature but rather fear. When I first received Stella she was very nervous and had her tail permanently between her legs but it only took a few days for her to completely come out of her shell. I imagine with a little time she is going to be friends with absolutely everyone without hesitation. She’s already the biggest tail wagger I know. We are also working on not pulling while on walks and she has made amazing progress with this but since she is still a puppy she will pull when something excites her. With the proper harness this is totally manageable as I am an average size woman and have no issues with getting her under control when this happens. Stella is somewhat potty trained, but has terrible separation anxiety, so when left alone she does pee and poop on the floor or in her crate if she is not taken out/ doesn’t go before being crated. We are working on this and she is getting better every day. She is fine when she is crated at night as long as you are visible from her crate and does not pee or poop overnight. Stella also knows she is not allowed on furniture and loves her bed, but will definitely try to come and sit wherever you are because she wants to be as close to you as possible. Lastly, Stella is a perfect lady and will not get into your things unless its tissue, but this is also a rarity. If it’s not hers, she will typically leave it alone (just don’t leave food out that is easily accessible 😉 )

With all this being said, I think Stella would do amazing in a home with a very patient man, but definitely will do well with a woman as she prefers them. Stella is also goof with kids but as I previously stated, she does not know her size or strength and she is still a puppy so sometimes she will throw her paws around when excited or playing; therefore, she would probably do best with bigger kids or with just adults. Stella would also do best with someone that can spend most of the day with her. She would be an excellent office dog (she would most likely lay/ sleep at your feet as she is a lazy baby) or someone that works from home since she hates being separated from her person. She would also do well at a doggy day care if she was able to play and be with other dogs/ people all day if working from home or going to the office is not an option. She just wants to be with someone. Stella is great with dogs but would also do well with none in the house. Although she knows she is not supposed to be on furniture, she would do best in a home that allows her to be wherever you are, whether thats the couch or the bed. She would definitely be the most amazing snuggler at night if you allowed her to sleep with you and I know that would be the preferred option for her. Stella needs a very patient and loving home that is willing to help train her out of some bad habits while also giving her lots of affection and snuggles. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and everyone that meets her immediately falls in love with her. She deserves the world and then some!