Color: Fawn 
Age: 4 yrs (born June 2017) 
Weight: 116 
Special Needs: None 
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes- Needs slow introductions to new dogs
Good with Kids: Yes
Exercise: Loves walks and playing outside
Training: knows sit, down and shake
House Trained: Yes 
Crate Trained: Yes-although she prefers being out on the dog bed
Energy Level: Moderate 
Needs Experienced Adopter: Yes 
Adoption Fee: $375.00 (Plus $25 application fee) 

Sadie is a very sweet and loveable girl. She has impressed everyone she meets with her friendly and happy temperament. She will shower you with kisses and do the typical dane lean to get more pets and lovin’. She loves other dogs but does need a lil bit of time to warm up and be sure that they will make a good friend. She likes cats too and does not try to chase them. Sadie loves playing and romping with her foster brothers although sometimes she can get a bit over enthusiastic and play a bit rough, but never aggressive. She also likes squeaky toys and playing tug of war! She is a typical counter surfer and will snatch food if you turn your back. Walking her has been a breeze. She doesn’t pull excessively and listens well. She is a very smart girl. She knows to sit, stay, down and shake and is easy to train. She will need some extra training on a leash as she tends to pull a bit.  She will sleep in her crate but does prefer snuggling with her foster brothers at night. Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this girl is inside and out and would quickly become a cherished member of any family.