Color: Harlequin
Age: 2.5 years old (born Aug 2018)
Weight: 110lbs
Special Needs: N/A
Cats: Good. Prior home had cats, she ignored them.
Dogs: Good
Kids: Children seem to make her nervous when she sees them on walks.
Exercise: Riley plays in the yard with her brother, Finn. She gets excited for walks and car rides.
Training: Currently learning basic commands
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: No, Riley needs socialization and someone to show her the world isn’t scary.
Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Riley is a sensitive girl. can startle easy, but is gaining confidence in her foster home. It took her about a week to come out of her shell. She now loves her foster mom and dad and get so excited when they come home and she now comes out of her crate to play. She likes to lay up against them and relax. She gets along with her new fur siblings, but isn’t comfortable playing with them yet. She is very sweet and smart. We are working on building up her confidence, with and without her brother Finn. She walks very well on a leash, but is still very stimulated by all the new sights and smells on a walk. She is a leaner and gains comfort by physical touch. We can’t wait to see how she thrives in her forever home. She would do best in a quiet home that slowly shows her the world while building her confidence.