Name: Lilly
Color: Lightly marked Harlequin
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 100 lbs
Special Needs: A very patient home willing to work with Separation Anxiety while not at home
Cats: Not tested, probably OK
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes (over 5)
Exercise: Yes
Training: 6-8 week training course required
Crate Trained: No
House Trained: Yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: No, but must be patient with Separation Anxiety
Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Meet Lilly, a 3-year old Great Dane/St. Bernard mix that is the definition of a Velcro dog.  If you want a dog that follows you everywhere and will love and adore you forever, you have found your dog!  She has been let down by her human guardians and this has resulted in Separation Anxiety (SA) that has needed to be treated with medication. Please do not let this deter you; the medication is not expensive ($4/mo). It has helped this girl tremendously. She no longer panics when her foster mom leaves the house and she can go outside by herself without a human by her side.  We do expect to continue this medication while she is with the rescue and recommend that she stay medicated through the transition to her forever home. Once settled after her transition with the assistance of a veterinarian and a qualified behaviorist, it may be possible to wean her off the medication.  It would also depend on her living situation; if she is placed in, a home where she is never left alone it is possible she could be weaned off her medication. However, if she is placed in a home where her humans work the possibility of being weaned off the medication may not be good either for the home or for Lilly.

Lilly loves her two foster sisters that are Great Danes; she has met other family dogs from a silky terrier to other Great Danes and got along great with all of them.  As far as little humans, her foster mom thinks she may have had human siblings because they do not seem to bother her.  Her foster mom has small cousins that love and hug on her and Lilly seems to think they are totally cool.  As for cats, she has not been tested, but considering how she fits in with her foster siblings and plays with her silky cousin, we think she would be OK with cat siblings (we can always test for this if requested).

Lilly is not crate trained; she does not like the crate at all. In fact, she will break out of a crate.  We have been working with getting her used to a crate now that she has been medicated; she has been eating in a crate comfortably for a while now with the door open.  She can now be left alone free range in the house with her foster siblings. It would be nice if she could be in a home where she can chew on bones, treats or have some sort of activity while humans are away.  This is not possible in her foster home due to a foster sibling being a resource guarder which has led to Lilly eating a remote and other items she shouldn’t while left unsupervised and bored (this is also a symptom of SA). Webcams show that she enjoys lounging on the furniture. Lilly does have a counter surfing problem, if she is thirsty she will check the kitchen sink to see if there is water in it and if there is food on the counter she will try to help herself if no one is watching. Her foster home is working with her to learn this behavior is not acceptable and not lady like. When her foster mom is home, Lilly is constantly by her side or laying by her feet. She is a very happy dog that just wants to be loved and adored as much as she will love and adore her humans.

Lilly and her adopters will need to complete an 8-week training course preferably with a qualified behaviorist to work with her separation anxiety and energy. Extra small children are not recommended (under 5 yo) only because she is so happy when you come home she cannot contain herself and jumps a lot, she may hurt a child by accident just because of her size.

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