Lambeau-Adoption Pending

  • Color:  Black
    Age:     5 Years Old
    Weight:  Currently at 180 lbs., the veterinarian recommends a weight loss plan with 160 lbs. as the goal.
    Special Needs:  None
    Cats:  Yes
    Dogs:  He’s never lived with any; he’s interested in others without any issues that he meets socially (i.e. at at the vet clinic or on walks).  He’s probably best placed in a home with a laid back larger female or alone.
    Kids:  He has previously lived with very young children (2yo); due to his size I would recommend at least 6 years or older.
    Exercise:  He’s currently receiving 2 walks every day and we’re continuing to increase the distance.  Lambeau must continue receiving regular exercise as part of his weight loss plan.
  • Training: 6-8 week training course required
    Crate Trained:  N/A

    House Trained:  Yes
    Needs Experienced Home:  No
    Adoption Fee: $375
Lambeau is a very handsome, laid back guy.  He loves long walks, laying in the sunshine and staying close to wherever you happen to be.  He’s a fan of watching TV, football or otherwise, and would *love* to chill with you on the couch (although his foster mom is trying to break him of that habit).  He will make you laugh with his moans and groans as he moves around on his bed or the floor, or when you give him an underear rub.  He’ll also definitely let you know whenever there’s someone at the door with his deep bark.  He can be startled by unexpected loud noises, but he recovers quickly.
Lambeau likes to attempt to chase squirrels and possums, but doesn’t seem to mind the geese and swans.  He’s also very calm meeting other dogs socially at the vet clinic or on walks.  We haven’t yet had a chance for an in-home meet and play session, but he should do well with another large female (though he wouldn’t mind having you all to himself!).  He’s had a history of living with cats and has done well with those in his foster home (good sooner with the unflappable cat, more time was needed with the runner).  Lambeau is housetrained and was left free in the house in his previous life as he is currently in his foster home.
He’s a big boy, currently at 180 lbs. with a weight loss target of 160 lbs.  He sits, verrrrrrry slowly, and stays on command.  While not thrilled by baths and nail trims, he’ll accept them.  The latter should continue to be done pretty frequently for a while to get them back to a standard length.  You may notice in his pictures his tail nub – Lambeau suffered from a case of “happy tail” as a young boy which eventually required an amputation.
He wants you to know that while he may look like it, he’s not perfect.  He does have a decent set of jowls, which makes him a pretty messy drinker, but he’s not a general drooler.  He also has a great nose – any food left on the counter or in an accessible trash can is fair game when you’re not looking.  He walks well with a gentle leader, which is a plus in controlling a guy his size, but will require additional training being to be walked on a standard collar.  All in all, this gentle moose of a Dane is going to bring a lot of love to the right home.