Halia-Adoption Pending

Color: Blue
Age: 3 years
Weight: 172 – currently on a 2000 calorie diet
Special Needs: none
Cats: ignores
Dogs: Good with all sizes
Kids: good with adolescents, have not tested super young
Exercise: low (but might increase as she looses weight)
Training:  6-8 week training course required
Crate Trained: yes
House Trained: yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: no
Adoption Fee: $375

My Name is Halia (but I have a million nick names and I’m sure my forever family will come up with a few more).  I’m 3 years old and pretty smart, I know a few tricks and basic commands, but I’m not great on a leash so I would do best in a home with a fence.  My foster dad says I’m not that great on a leash because I’m too friendly, I want to go up to every person and doggie I see and say Hi.  My foster dad also calls me Kitchen Ninja, even though I’m a big girl, I’m really sneaky about getting leftovers and food off the kitchen counter so you do kinda need to keep an eye on me (but I’d prefer you didn’t).
I sleep on a mattress at the foot of the bed at night, and during the day I’m either crated with my foster sister, or I’m in the office with my foster dad.  In the evening there are a few dog beds in the living room and I just move around from bed to bed as I please.  My foster dad has been keeping me off the furniture, but if I could get up there I would.  Right now there are 5 other dogs and a cat in the house I get along with them all ( I just ignore the cat), there is another Dane here and we play and run around in the yard occasionally, but I’m not super active so laying on the porch in the sun is a perfect afternoon activity for me (if winter would ever end).
Looking forward to meeting my forever family and showing them all my little quirks that make me who I am.