Name: Ghost
Color: White with gray/black markings
Age: 5 months old
Weight: 50 lbs
Special Needs: Deaf
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes – preferably older children as she is a puppy and might knock over, step on small kids
Exercise: Very active – lots of puppy energy
Training: 6-8 week training course required
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes – in progress
Needs Experienced Adopter: No, but requires someone willing to work on communication techniques for a deaf dog
Adoption Fee: $475 (plus $25 application fee)

My name is Ghost, I’m a deaf Great Dane female and I’m learning sign language. I currently live with 5 other fur-foster brothers and sisters and a cat and I love them all.

I like playing tug-of-war and when I’m outside I like chasing them around the yard. I’m still a puppy so I have a decent amount of energy. Dad says I’m okay on a leash, but I’m still learning and would do best in home with a tall fence.

I met my nieces and nephews (humans 10-16 years old) and they were fun to play with, so dad says I’d be good with kids. Once I’m inside I’m pretty good about relaxing except the occasional zoomies.

I’m still working on potty training (80% there!) and do better when I don’t have free reign over the whole house, but I do well in my house/crate during the day and/or night as long as I’m close by a fur-sibling. I don’t really like being left all alone so I’d do best with another dog that I could follow and learn from and play with (did I mention I like to play?).

All in all I’m a very loving girl and not that much quirkier than the next puppy and Dad says I’ll make someone super happy one day. See how cute I am!!!!


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