Color: Brindle
Age: 2.5
Weight: 58lbs
Special Needs: Yes
Cats: NO
Dogs: Larger female dogs
Kids: Unknown
Exercise: Yes. One walk a day would be good.
Training:  6-8 week training course required
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Needs Experienced Adopter: Yes
Adoption Fee: $125

Hello everyone!  My name is Bubbie!  I am a 2.5 year old 60 pound handsome fellow.  Now before we get into the good stuff….let’s talk about the obvious.  I don’t look like the rest of the big guys on here, but wait…I promise I am just as special as those gentle giants.  If you guessed I am not a full great dane.  I might have some in me….but it is not my dominate breed.  My foster Mom says I am an amazing mix and it shows through my personality.  So let’s start there!  I am sweet boy.  I love being near you and all about the snuggles.  I will lay on you or just have a paw touching you.  I love playing with my “babies” (stuffed toys) and enjoy it even more if you play with me.  I am feisty and am still learning proper manners.  I like to push you and see what I can get away with and it may take a few times for this new manner to stick.  You have to be patient with me because I have my ways and I am stubborn with wanting to change them. My foster Mom says I am VERY smart and I want to learn.
Now you might notice in all of my pictures I am smiling.  The thing is I have issues with my jaw and skull.  We are unsure of how I am became this way.  I was found as a stray and was given the best medical care but my jaw will not close.  I do not have the proper muscles to allow me to do this but that is okay. I have adapted quite well and I truly do not know that I am different.  I eat and drink differently than most dogs. I have taught myself a way that allows me get everything I need to be healthy.  Now we should tell you I am messy.  When I drink water it goes everywhere and the same when I eat.  Hey…that is like a great dane right?  I might have more Dane in me that we think!  Along with my jaw my skull did not form correctly either.  You will see parts are sunken in but again….this doesn’t mean anything.  I am still a handsome boy! 
My foster Mom is helping me learn a lot of new things and one of them is how to be around other dogs.  I want to play and I want to get to know them but with being a stray I like to protect my food and my water.  I will need someone to understand that this is a part of me and I will need time and space to enjoy my food and my water without worrying about another dog around.  Once I am separated I do just fine.  I love my crate and my space and I enjoy having alone time.  Also I do not like cats…they are not for me.  
I also have a hard time with thunderstorms and lawn equipment.  It makes me scared and that could be from my life on the streets.  I just need you to comfort me and help me learn that everything will be okay.  I am getting better and my foster Mom says it just takes time!  
I know I sound like a lot of work….but I am just like every other dog.  I just want love and a safe place to be myself.  I am just different…..but my foster Mom says different is beautiful….I think handsome is a better word.  🙂  I hope you will give me chance and let me show you how wonderful I am.  So…will you be my forever home?