Bruiser-Adoption pending






Color: Mantle
Age: 18 months
Weight: 130lb and growing
Special Needs: NO
Cats: YES
Dogs: YES
Kids: YES
Exercise: Anything
Training: Requires 6 weeks
Crate Trained: YES

House Trained: YES
Needs Experienced Adopter: NO 
Adoption Fee: $375 (plus $25 application fee)

Bruiser is a wonderful 18 month old Dane that loves everything about life. His tail never stops wagging! He is curious of everything and doesn’t know a stranger including dogs (big and small), cats, kids (all ages), men and women. He is calm and mild mannered, yet ready to play and zoom through the yard with his foster siblings when given the chance. He is fully house broken and will whine to let you know he wants to go outside. Bruiser stays in a crate when the foster family is gone. He requires gentle guidance to go in the crate and will bark for a few minutes, but settles in after that. He sure is happy to see you when you return! At night, Bruiser sleeps on a dog bed in the master bedroom with the other dogs. He sleeps all night and will wake you up in the morning with a cute wet nose to the face. He is not very patient though and will start barking and whining at you if you make him wait too long in the morning, but we are working on that. Bruiser loves to go on walks around the neighborhood and can walk with a mostly loose leash. He will pull when he sees a human or fur friend of interest, but is doing well with gentle corrections. He is working on commands to sit and stay, however will need further training for perfection. Bruiser loves looking out a window and his forever family should be willing to have a view ready for him or he will make one for himself! He can stare out a window forever if there are kids playing outside. Bruiser is simply amazing and will fit in with any family willing to provide some training to perfect his manners.