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To begin the adoption process, please complete the adoption application below, OR click here to download the Adoption Application.

If you choose to fill out the online form, the application will be automatically sent to FFGDR, and you may also print a copy for yourself.

If you choose to fill out a downloaded copy, complete the application, save it with a meaningful name (for example: Adoption Application – John Doe), and then email it to

Please use the Donate button to submit the $25 application processing fee via credit card or PayPal. Application fees can also be mailed to: P.O. Box 20125, Indianapolis, IN, 46220.

Applications will not be processed until the application and the application fee have both been received.

Please notify your personal references that we will be calling. And, please contact your veterinarian’s office to give permission for them to release your pets’ medical information to our rescue representative when they call. This all ensures that the application process moves along quickly and smoothly.

Processing time can take 2-4 weeks. As we are a 100%  volunteer-operated organization, and each member of FFGDR maintains a full-time job as well a family, your patience is greatly appreciated. We sincerely try to do our best to not only process applications in a timely manner, but also to keep applicants up-to-date as to where they are in the process. Repeated phone calls and emails about the status of your application will only delay the processing time.


Primary Applicant

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Please list two personal references that 1) do not live in the same home with you, 2) are not an immediate family member, 3) are not your veterinarian, and 4) do not work at or for your current veterinary clinic. Verify that the contact information is accurate. If we are unable to contact a reference or they do not return calls, the applicant will be contacted one time and asked for an alternative reference. PLEASE contact your references prior to submitting your application notifying them to speak with our volunteers.

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What days are you available for a home check?*
What time of day is best to contact you and/or to schedule a home check?*


Do children live in the home full- or part-time?*

Please list the name(s) and age(s) of each child living in the home full- or part-time:

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Please list any other children that regularly visit (grandchildren, nieces, kids you babysit, etc.), their ages, and how often they visit:


Do you rent or own your home?*
How long have you lived at the current address?*
Type of property:*
Is your back yard completely fenced in?*
What is the height of the fence?*
Do you have any of the following?*
Do you have a pool?*
Type of Pool:
Please describe the material and style of your fence (ex: vinyl, shadowbox)
Are you aware of any restrictions from you landlord or subdivision pertaining to animals living in your home, such as the following? (Please check all that apply.)*
Explain landlord/subdivision restrictions if "Other":
Do you belong to a homeowner's association and if so, are you aware of any bylaws, policies, or regulations that relate to owning a pet? If so, please explain:*
Is someone home during the day?*
Is someone home during the night?*
How long will the dog be left alone in the home and how often does this occur?*


Please list all dogs and cats that currently live in the household:

Pet 1 Name:
Pet 1 Breed:
Pet 1 Gender:
Pet 1 Spayed/Neutered:
Pet 1 Vaccinations Current?
Pet 1 Age:
Years Owned Pet 1:
Pet 1 - Describe Personality:
Pet 2 Name:
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Years Owned Pet 2:
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Pet 3 Name:
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Do any of your current pets live mostly outside?*
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Pet 5 Spayed/Neutered:
Pet 5 Vaccinations Current?
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Years Owned Pet 5:
Pet 5 - Describe Personality:
Pet 6 Name:
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Pet 6 Gender:
Pet 6 Spayed/Neutered:
Pet 6 Vaccinations Current?
Pet 6 Age:
Years Owned Pet 6:
Pet 6 - Describe Personality:


Why do you want to adopt a Great Dane?*
Please list the three (3) things you believe are the most important aspects of owning a dog: *
What is your primary reason for adopting?*
Please describe your ideal dog:*
What traits or characteristics are you sure that you do NOT want in a dog?*
Do you want a dog of a certain color, gender, age, etc.?*
Describe any color, gender, age, etc. requirements:
Would you consider a Great Dane mix?*
Would you consider a Great Dane with special needs?*
How long have you been actively seeking to acquire a new pet?*
Do you have an application pending with another rescue?*
For which of the following reasons would you consider giving up your dog? (check all that apply)*
What would you do with your dog if you had to move in with family, to an apartment, overseas, etc.?*
Are you prepared to care for a dog for up to 15 years?*


Do you have experience with Great Danes?*
Approximately how much does it cost to feed and maintain a Great Dane per year?*
Have you ever adopted with another organization?*
Name of the rescue organization you adopted through:
Have you ever had an application for adoption declined by an animal welfare facility or rescue organization?*
If you have ever been declined, please explain why:
Have you ever owned a Great Dane?*
If you have owned a Great Dane, what happened to him/her? If not, please answer, "N/A."*
Have you ever relinquished or re-homed a pet?*
Please explain the circumstances surrounding the situation and where the dog ended up (If you have not relinquished or re-homed a pet, please answer "N/A"):*
Are you familiar with your local Animal Control laws?*
How did you hear about FFGDR?*

Your New Pet

Where will the dog you are adopting primarily live?*
Where will this dog be spending time? (check all that apply)*
Where will the dog sleep at night?*
Explain sleeping arrangements if "Other":
What activities do you plan to participate in with your dog?*
Can your vehicle transport a giant breed dog comfortably?*
What kind of vehicle do you drive?*
How often do you travel?*
What arrangements will be made for your dog when you are traveling?*

Behavior & Training

Do you have experience with crate training?*
How do you feel about crate training?*
How would you handle temperament or obedience problems that might arise?*
Are you willing to potty train a dog?*
Are you prepared to properly socialize your dog with other people and dogs?*
Are you willing and able to take a dog to training class?*

Do you understand that rescue pets often come from difficult backgrounds and may need an adjustment period in a new home? Are you willing to be patient and consider consulting with/hiring a trainer if issues arise?*
Obedience training is contractually required within six (6) months of the adoption. Are you willing and able to fulfill this requirement?*
Are you willing to take the time to house break a dog, and do you understand that changing a dog's environment (his/her new home) may cause the dog to have accidents?*
Do you understand that puppies are a lot of work, require constant supervision, frequent bathrooms breaks (even during the night), need to be taught to not jump on people, not to nip, and require exercise?*


Please list all veterinary clinics, including emergency veterinary clinics, that you have used for your pets' routine and emergency care during the last 5 years. Verify that the contact information is accurate. If we are unable to contact a veterinarian or they do not return calls, the applicant will be contacted one time and asked for an alternative reference. PLEASE contact your veterinarian’s office prior to submitting your application to give them permission to speak with our volunteers.

Current Clinic/Veterinarian:
Current Clinic/Vet Address:
Current Clinic/Vet City:
Current Clinic/Vet State:
Current Clinic/Vet Zip:
Current Clinic/Vet Phone:
Current Clinic/Vet Email:
Clinic/Vet #2:
Reason for leaving Clinic/Vet #2:
Clinic/Vet #2 Phone:
Clinic/Vet #3:
Reason for leaving Clinic/Vet #3:
Clinic/Vet #3 Phone:
Do you give permission to contact these veterinarian clinics for a reference?

List your reason(s) for not spaying or neutering your pet(s) if you have not done so:*
Please describe the type of health issues that are common to Great Danes:*
In the past five (5) years, have any of your dogs passed away?*
If you have had any dogs pass away in the past five (5) years, please explain the circumstances:
Are your current animals treated with monthly flea preventative?*
Are your current animals on monthly heartworm preventative?*
What is bloat?*
What is the treatment for bloat?*
How much money would you be willing or able to spend if your dog becomes ill or injured?*
Can you afford the medical costs if the dog becomes ill or requires emergency surgery?*
Does any member of your family have allergies to animals?*


By checking the Medical Release box and signing below, I certify that the information I am providing is true and correct.  Additionally, I agree to call my veterinary clinic and give permission for the release of my pet's medical records to a representative of Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc.  

By checking the Liability Release & Waiver and signing below, I accept this waiver and release Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. from any and all liability.  I am certifying that all the answers I have given are the truth.  I also understand that this information might be shared with another rescue group if they call Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Inc. to inquire about the listed applicant(s).  

Should any part of this Agreement be rendered or declared invalid by a court or competent jurisdiction of the State of Illinois or the State of Indiana, such invalidation of such part or portion of this Agreement should not invalidate the remaining portions thereof, and they shall remain in full force and effect.  

Application Processing Fee

Will you be paying the $25 application processing fee by check or PayPal?*

Please make checks payable to FFGDR and mail to: P.O. Box 20125, Indianapolis, IN 46220.   The FFGDR PayPal ID is

NOTE: Applications will not be processed until the application fee is received.

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